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March 8, 2011
Say what you want, "at the discretion of the chair"  New 
 • Pancoast, school board, vote to further restrict public comment  New 

March 4, 2011
Paul Augros is Budget Committee MVP  New 
 • Phantom school budget cuts  New 
 • Please vote on March 8th!  New 
 • Default school budget DOES protect teachers!  New 
 • Vote Sean Skinner for Budget Committee  New 
 • Vote YES on Article 14  New 
 • Goffstown's average teacher salaries  New 

February 25, 2011
Dillon withdraws; endorses Mary, Leah & Ben
 • 2011-12 School Budget could cost even more
 • Vote NO on Article 2 on the school ballot
 • School district pay rates ridiculous
 • High taxes for high pay?
 • Selectmen say 'Yes' then vote 'No' 
 • Please vote for Sean Skinner  New 
 • State aid to Goffstown  New 

February 18, 2011
 • Vote Collis Adams for selectman
 • Please support Wolczko, Parah and Hampton  
 • Don't complain if you don't vote
 • Vote out school board incumbents
 • School board needs to WAKE UP! 
 • MVMS teachers, staff need help from citizens
 • Silence, too, can falsify information
 • School board can override chairman 

February 11, 2011
 • School Board snubs taxpayers again
 • Vote "No" on the school budget on March 8th
 • Was school budget compromise a mistake?

January 28, 2011
If you have extra cash, use it
 • Living Beyond Our Means
 • Just do it!

January 14, 2011
The proper funding of education

January 7, 2011
Thanks for cutting the school budget
 • School Budget Seen from Different Viewpoints
 • Transparency is the key
 • Property Taxes Set to Double

December 10, 2010
Class sizes must be considered
 • Are our schools under-funded?
 • A simple explanation of our budgets
 • Jim Hunt’s “Unsatisfactory Performance” List
 • Taxes Paid by Goffstown Residents  New 
December 2, 2010
Deflecting a couple low blows

November 19, 2010
Tea Party revolt coming vs. School Board
 • Did Bernie Made-off Live in Goffstown?

November 19, 2010
Teachers deserve what they're paid

November 12, 2010
 • Please adjust budget 10% as requested 
 • Avoid reckless cuts to services  
 • School Board compounds our tax problems  
 • Goffstown Project Management Woes  

October 15, 2010
 • John Burt is a man you can trust
 • Tax rate must not be allowed to increase
 • Town should postpone the Road Plan
 • Support fiscally responsible candidates
 • Chile beats Goffstown
 • The QE2 is Leaving Port
 • Mortgage Fraud in NH?
Vote John Burt for fiscal responsibility
 • Dιjΰ vu All Over Again

September 24, 2010
What’s the bottom line for our schools? 

September 9, 2010
Another $50 Billion We Don't Have
 • BOS Chairman Just Shrugs His Shoulders
 • Rep. Hikel reaches out to Democrats
 • A New Board Game For Sale in Goffstown

September 2, 2010
A Town worker not doing his job 
 • Fishing in Glen Lake  
 • Please Define Completed

August 28, 2010
Signs, signs, everywhere signs

August 26, 2010
Wealth Re-Distribution Grows in Goffstown  
 • Written evidence of harassment at MVMS
 • Found Money  

August 12, 2010
Evergreens Grow in Goffstown

August 6, 2010
Insightful or Inciteful?

July 30, 2010
 • Is There a “FIRE” in Goffstown?
Owning a home in Goffstown

July 16, 2010
Deficits and Goffstown Home Prices Go Up

July 9, 2010
"Big Spending" Politicians Affect Goffstown

July 2, 2010
Spending reductions must start NOW
Give voters a real choice this year
 • 10% and quotable "quotes" 

June 25, 2010
 • Auditor's Report says we're OK, but...
Burger King closure should send a message

June 18, 2010
 • Budget Committee sent a strong message
Post public hearings in the Goffstown News

June 4, 2010
 • Continued Irresponsible Decisions
 • A New Bar in Goffstown

May 21, 2010
 • Three cheers for the Budget Committee
 • Thanks, Guy, for fighting for the taxpayers
 • Staffing shortage closes MVMS library
 • There Must be an Election Coming Soon

April 30, 2010
My two minute wait for nothing

April 16, 2010
ObamaCare just isn't affordable

April 9, 2010
School Board keeps spending, but not on kids
 • Lay off teachers, but purchase phones?
 • Take a close, hard look at Mountain View

April 2, 2010
$3.40 tax rate jump spawns buyer's remorse

March 26, 2010
Questions for the Goffstown School Board

March 12, 2010
 • Dear Majority of the Goffstown School Board
A message from John A. Burt

March 8, 2010
Goffstown voters given bogus tax impact information

March 4, 2010
 • A message to voters from Bill Bates, candidate for Budget Committee
 • Paul Augros asks for your support for Budget Committee
 • Gross, Pierce will spend us to death - Pascucci won't
 • John Burt asks for your vote on Tuesday
 • Please vote John Dillon for Budget Committee
 • Re-Elect Ivan Beliveau to Budget Committee
 • A vote for Scott Gross is "Not Recommended"
 • Mark Warden request your "write-in" vote on March 9th
 • Please vote John Burt on March 9th
 • Please Article 23 NO, NO, NO
 • Vote YES on Article 8

February 28, 2010

Snowmobile Articles are in the best interests of Goffstown

February 26, 2010
Snowmobile Articles on Goffstown's Ballot in March
 • Bill Bates asks for your vote
Please consider supporting Article #19
 • More discontent at Mountain View Middle School

February 19, 2010

School District must make tough decisions 
Support Town Article 22 and School Article 6 
Property tax relief for Goffstown that pays!

February 12, 2010

 • What's wrong with you people in Goffstown?
 • Is it really only a small group of voters?
 • Keith Allard gives incorrect information

February 5, 2010

Crabby Billy is not crabby all the time
Reply to Pam Whitney

January 31, 2010

 • Lorry Cloutier responds to letters in GN
 • The right outcome thanks to Lorry Cloutier




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