FEBRUARY 26, 2010
Discontent at Mountain View
To the Editor:

Here is some food for thought. 

Jim Hunt is now in his third contract as principal of Mountain View Middle School. Although he was hired under the tenure of Stacy Buckley's predecessor, Dr. Darrell Lockwood, almost all of the current cast of characters have been here all that time.  

Dr. Lockwood and Mr. Hunt were long-time associates.  Did Dr. Lockwood bring this hardship upon our school district to save Mr. Hunt's career after the Framingham, MA school department paid a $55,000 sexual harassment complaint filed against him?  Check it out for yourself at the SouthCoastToday.com website:

How much has Goffstown paid in legal fees because of the grievances filed against Mr. Hunt's actions?  How much longer will Stacy Buckley allow Mr. Hunt to harass and intimidate the teachers at Mountain View Middle School?  How much more will Goffstown taxpayers have to pay because of Mr. Hunt?

Name withheld upon request.


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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.