FEBRUARY 19, 2010
Property tax relief for Goffstown that pays!
To the Editor:

I am writing to appeal to the voters of Goffstown to please OVERTURN the un-business-friendly planning board's decision to "not recommend" ARTICLE 8 on the March 9th ballot and VOTE YES.  This is a clear opportunity to allow over an acre of prime land that BORDERS COMMERCIAL PROPERTY and is DIRECTLY ACROSS the STREET from INDUSTRIAL LAND and easily 100 BUILDINGS to be properly zoned Commercial.  It is no longer a place to reside in peace with thousands of cars per day driving by and TRACTOR TRAILER TRUCKS loading and unloading at all hours of the day and night DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET.  This property is located on Daniel Plummer Road in Pinardville and it should be allowed to be used for it's HIGHEST and BEST USE, and an old house in need of much repair is clearly not it.

Business, low taxes, and jobs are the key to any town's success!  Do you know that Goffstown has a 92% residential base and an 8% commercial/industrial tax base? Everyone's PROPERTY TAXES are set to increase at DOUBLE DIGIT figures from now on simply because the TAX BURDEN is totally put on the GOOD CITIZENS of GOFFSTOWN.  I am here to tell you that this property could easily be paying $20,000 in Property Tax that would directly help to LOWER YOUR TAXES!  

It is a proven fact that the Planning Board is not a friendly board to business.  They have continually allowed these burdens to be placed on the backs of the good citizens of Goffstown for so long without concern for you, the TAXPAYER, and your hard earned money. Time after time businesses have left in frustration after trying to work with the planning board, never to return and only to locate in one of our neighboring towns and pay them the taxes.  Our Loss. The Selectmen know this fact, the Planning Board knows this too, and even the Economic Development Committee knows this fact as well as the other "insiders", but year after year it is a well kept secret by them to increase your TAXES, stifle growth, and not offer you any relief by not INVITING BUSINESS to GOFFSTOWN and making it all but impossible for companies to locate here, which would provide JOBS to your family and tax relief to you. 

Please, TAXPAYERS of GOFFSTOWN, send the NON-BUSINESS-FRIENDLY PLANNING BOARD A CLEAR MESSAGE to help you with TAX RELIEF and VOTE YES YES YES on ARTICLE 8 and OVERTURN their ill-sighted "not recommend" that has been placed on the warrant.  And by VOTING YES, you're telling them "TO RECOMMEND" and allow the BUSINESS BASE to GROW and PROSPER while creating JOBS and LOWERING YOUR PROPERTY TAXES.  GET OUT AND VOTE ON MARCH 9th

Please feel free to contact me at 860-7891 for more information.

John Hikel


Copyrightę2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.


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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.