March 4, 2011
Paul Augros is Budget Committee MVP

To the Editor:

As a member of the Goffstown Budget Committee this past year, I would give new-comer committee member Paul Augros the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.  Even though I did not always agree with him, I urge voters to consider electing Paul for a second term on March 8th.

During this past year Paul continually demonstrated his willingness to respectfully listen to and constructively discuss issues with governing body representatives, department heads, the public, and all fellow members on the committee. 

Paul gave well-reasoned explanations for his positions and tended to ask the most thoughtful questions, often reflecting considerable research and analysis done in his own time.  I observed that Paul is fundamentally humble and courteous in his approach, but was also not afraid to ask tough questions about the value taxpayers are getting and what they can afford. 

Most importantly, Paul showed a willingness to clarify and correct his own position when needed, and in the end to negotiate and reasonably compromise.  You can learn more about Paul’s work on local budget matters at  Goffstown needs sharp-minded and talented volunteers such as Paul, and I believe his continued presence on the Budget Committee will only help raise the bar for all.

John Dillon


EDITOR'S NOTE:  John Dillon currently serves the community as an elected member of the Budget Committee.





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