January 7, 2011
Thanks for cutting the school budget

To the Editor:

It was a sense of well-being and comfort when I read the current edition (Dec. 22) of the Goffstown News and one of the lead stories, "$2.17M cut from school budget."

I commend Budget Committee member Guy Caron for his action in proposing the cut and a big thank you to the Budget Committee for voting for the reduced budget, and wonder of wonders, no teacher positions were cut.

I think the people of Goffstown should read and listen to what Mr. Caron said, "The winners are the students.  They get to keep all the teachers, all the paraprofessionals as well as the newly proposed positions."  The budget was cut and we did not have armageddon.  I must admit I am not surprised at the comments made by the chairmen of the School Board and selectmen on the cuts.

The budget has been reduced and we are still able to provide a good education to our students and not bankrupt the citizens of Goffstown in the process.  It is time for the school committee to remember who they work for - they work for us, the taxpayers of Goffstown - and they have been given a budget to live with.  It will not be easy, I know this all too well, but the most important thing to keep in mind is this.  No direct delivery of educational services was affected in this reduction.

With all due respect to Mr. Skinner's comments in his letter in the Dec. 22 paper, "Let's get together to inform the committee of elected officials that the goal of lowering taxes isn't as important as the quality of services/education."  It seems to me the goal of reducing taxes and keeping the quality of 'services/education' has been met by the Budget Committee.

I encourage the people of Goffstown to attend the meeting in January and support the Budget Committee budget.

Benjamin H. Hampton





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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.