January 28, 2011
Just do it!

To the Editor:

Republicans in the state of New Hampshire were swept into office in part on a promise to reduce the size of government, reduce taxes and cut spending. Now is the time to “put up or shut up!”

The Republican Committee in Goffstown (GWRC) essentially owns Goffstown. They were able to win all the 8 state representative slots. That is impressive. It might even be tempting to say that the majority of Goffstown voters are Republicans. However, that might be an incorrect statement.

The largest registered political bloc in Goffstown is registered Independents. Go check the voter registrations in the town hall. What this must mean is that the Republicans swayed a lot of Independent voters. It is now time to deliver on all the campaign promises. Just do it!

The best way to deliver on campaign promises in Goffstown might be to effectively “rally the voters” to reduce the size of government and cut spending increases. Just do it, don’t talk about it!

The Republican Party can’t be just about defeating Democrats.

The Republican Party can’t be just about the “special interests” and their focus on gays, guns and god. Those issues may be important to many, but are they really the most important issues?

You see, this is where the “rubber hits the road.” Perhaps a lot, if not many of the local Republican leadership are “in name only.” Maybe the majority of Republican leadership are closet “big spenders” of at least 2 varieties…A variety that focuses on Washington, D.C. and a local variety.

The Washington, D.C. variety that has it’s eyes on large corporate positions after delivering the largest corporate “wish list” while in public office in the “ear mark capitol of the world.”

The local “Republican-in-name-only” variety may in fact have local and state positions and they are profiting from defending the status quo and not changing very much. “Big spenders – All!

Both Republican varieties may in fact be “dippers” or even “double dippers.” How does this differ very much from many Democratic positions? Maybe the 2 parties should be working together.

One way to dispel the rumor of being “Republican-in-name-only” would be to “get out the vote” to halt local spending increases, lower taxes and reducing local government. Just do it! 

It is easy to see why Democrats would want to raise taxes and wages (minimum wage) to address the issue of a rising cost of living. They just have a different view of how to implement a solution.

Why can’t both parties drop their petty rivalries and focus together on the rising cost of living at the local, state and national level? Failure to do so will have consequences! Just do it!

Political parties that fail to address this issue do so at their own political risk!

There is a growing hunger among most voters for a solution to the problem of rising costs. 

One thing can be stated for sure. The Independent swing-voting bloc 2 years from now will look back at what was achieved (or not) and sweep out the Republicans at the local, state and federal level if the Republicans fail to deliver on their important campaign promises. They will do it!

This above isn’t a criticism of most Republicans. It is simply a call for help from the local Republican Party leadership. What would be possible locally if taxes and spending were to drop?

Ivan Beliveau





Copyright©2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.


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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.