September 9, 2010
BOS Chairman Just Shrugs His Shoulders

To the Editor:

At 11:24 into the stream of the August 30, 2010, the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Scott Gross, speaks extemporaneously in answer to comments made by Collis Adams concerning the Wallace/Mast Roundabout contract.

First he gets folksy - his words exactly: "I haven't been doing this all too long." Is he coming down to what he perceives is our level? 

Taking his statement at face value, I ask Mr. Gross, just when, if ever, will you have enough experience to 'do this'? This is your fifth year on the Board of Selectmen. In addition, prior to that, you served on Goffstown's School Board from 2000 to 2006 and chaired that board in 2003. The residents of Goffstown deserve far better than this babbling, Mr. Gross, at this point in your tenure. 

Mr. Gross goes on waxing poetic about chances the governing board takes when selecting a bid for a construction contract. He said (quoting roughly), "When it comes to the contracts with road construction companies, we have, by and large, gone with low bids and some times it works out and sometimes it doesn't work out ... and it doesn't always work out and you don't get the best service." 

Mr. Gross, do you think we residents of this town are clueless idiots? Most of us know a thing or two about contracts. Contracts clearly specify reguirements. Whoever wins on the contract is expected to fulfill the terms of the contract, be they the high bidder or the low bidder. It is the issuer of the contract who must decide which bidder is fully capable of delivery and follow through to make sure that the terms are fulfilled. ".... and sometimes it doesn't work out" what a coup out!

Mr. Gross, why do you speak to us like this? You and the Board of Selectmen are running a $20 million dollar business. Get serious. Give us action, not meaningless empty platitudes.

When BOS chairs like Bob Wheeler and Gossett McRae took a public comment and politely said "thank you", I though they were cold and unresponsive. No, they were being prudent by avoiding the gaffs Mr. Gross and his counterpart on the School Board, Mr. Keith Allard, so often make by blatting out words rather than taking thoughtful board-like action. 

Think twice, speak once.

Bill Gordon


Copyrightę2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.


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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.