February 25, 2011
I withdraw my candidacy; please vote for Mary, Leah and Ben

To the Editor:

Can anyone doubt we are long overdue for critical change on the Goffstown School Board?  Thankfully, a host of new educators are willing to serve.

If we want matters to improve with regards to school government, let's elect new stewards who can take a fresh look at working constructively with parents, students, teachers and administrators.

I put my name on the ballot to do just that.  However, I am since pleased to see three new candidates come forward that I believe will do an even better job.  I speak of Mary Parah, Leah Wolczko and Benjamin Hampton.  

As such, I withdraw my own candidacy and I urge you to vote instead for Mary, Leah and Ben.

They will each bring a fresh passion, new perspectives and impressive work/life experiences to bear on the education and well being of our children in Goffstown.  I believe Mary, Leah and Ben will also each ensure that common sense academic fundamentals will once again be the priority, especially in a challenging economy.

I wholeheartedly endorse "MLB", not just for Major League Baseball, but for three distinct and promising new voices on the school board:  Mary, Leah and Ben.

John Dillon


EDITOR'S NOTE:  John Dillon currently serves the community as an elected member of the Budget Committee.





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