April 8, 2010
School Board keeps spending, but not on kids

To the Editor:

I was watching the school board meeting Monday night.  The school board is going to go ahead and purchase Cisco IPO phones to the tune of at least $150,000 for the high school. 

I would like to know exactly how this purchase is being funded from this year's current budget - not next year's budget, but this year's, the one we are already in.  I was also noticed that the school board is restoring the SPED administrator at Mountain View Middle School.  They are not restoring a teacher, but an administrator. 

Where did all this money come from?  Why is it that Stacy Buckley said technology for the students has been halted at the high school, but they want to advance technology for the high school building that I really don't think is warranted.  Not one student is using those IPO phones.  I am very suspicious of the motive. 

Are they spending this money from the $610,000 Keith Allard told us all they'd be giving back to the taxpayers in July?  f it is, they will never be believed again. 

How can anyone justify that kind of money in this economy?  

Taxpayers need to know what the school board means when it cries "poverty".  

Mother of two Goffstown students,


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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.