MAY 21, 2010
Thanks, Guy, for fighting for the taxpayers 

To the Editor:

Guy, you are my hero!  I mean that.

If only other taxpayers could understand what you are trying to do.

1.  The Glen Lake Beach: What you are trying to do should be echoed for Namaske.  I live on the water but had to herd the cats from Mass out of the boat ramp to put my boat into my own lake!  There were 27 cars from an Asian kayak club that couldn't figure out that backing up a 20 foot boat was harder than maneuvering a 6 foot kayak.  We have great "town" resources so let the town run them and not assume that somebody else will.

2.  We will always be forced to increase taxes as long as zombies do not pay attention to union contracts.  I don't know about you, but I work in the private sector and an automatic pay increases and Cadillac health plans are not in the mix and I am a senior manager!  I moved from Amherst where firefighters wanted and received a ladder truck to fight Milford fires.  Yes, a $150K truck was bought and paid for by me to fight fires on buildings that Amherst didn't have.  My tax bill there was $11K.  When I moved to Goffstown 2 years ago, my tax bill was half of that, but guess what, it is now 3/4ths that now.

3.  We were just "forced" to pay for a water line in Danis/Lynchville park that I cannot believe how this worked out.  Imagine having zero spine and asking the voters of a city to pay for a common resource that most in G-Town enjoy...water. The vote that was presented was this "should the residents of Danis/Lynchville have town water and if so, will you force them to pay for it?"  Water.  A resource enjoyed by all.  But I have to pay for someone else's but they will not share the burden of mine? I have summarized but that is the essential gist of the matter.  The town's selectmen basically asked a town to vote on one corner of the city and asked if the town or the area should pay for it?  If every vote was like this, nothing would get done.  Think about it. 

4.  The new roundabout...if the town was asked to vote on it saying only those who benefited from it should pay, would it get done?  NYET!  If the home on Dreary Lane needed septic and the selectmen asked the voters if he/she should be the only one to pay for it, then duh, what would happen?  

Water, sewage, police, fire, and schools are a burden on the entire town.  Why ask an entire town to vote for a basic service to a few?  That is, why ask a town to vote on whether or not a small area should pay for their own services like they did for the Danis/Lynchville water project?  So, with zero spine, the Selectmen asked the town to vote on water service to Danis/Lynchville.  They asked "Should the whole town pay or just those who benefit from it?"  What do think happened?  The "town" said "screw them", let them pay for something that I already have for free. 

Look up the definition of "town" or village" or "settlement."  You'll find words like "for the better good of community" or "shared burden /benefits."  We at Danis/Lynchville pay taxes for Goffstown services to other areas that we do not use (schools, septic, library) but we do it for the greater good of the "community."  We get it.  The Selectmen don't.  I understand their worries about raising taxes, but basic services are required and should be enjoyed by all.  These "shared services" should be a village/town burden shared by all.  Consider a sidewalk improvement: Is this a town burden or just for those who use/needed it? 

We voted in 2008 to NOT have town water brought into the Danis/Lynchville park area.  We wanted/needed sewer service.  But the Selectmen, in their infinite wisdom, got some ARRA money and forced the waterlines to our area.  We now owe them $15K to run the line, our betterment taxes are raised, and now have to pay $3K to connect.  Add these costs to Keith Allard's school costs and guess what?  I live in Amherst again!

The Danis/Lynchville Park area is littered with poor sewer lines that seep into the river.  Just ask the state DES.  You couldn't eat a fish caught in the river due to the high levels of bacteria.  I see sewer lines feet from the river and the town does nothing.  If they did, they would probably make those abutting it pay for it!  So does that mean if I don't need the police, schools, fire, and library that I don't have to pay for it either?

Keep fighting.

Kenny Warren


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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.