September 9, 2010
Another $50 billion we don't have

To the Editor:

So now Obama proposes to spend another $50 billion on roads, trains and runways to create jobs. 

I thought the Democrat’s earlier stimulus package was all about job creation, wasn’t it?  Weren’t we supposed to see lots of “shovel-ready” jobs?  We did see a lot of government job hiring that the White House touted as job growth. Why were census workers, a part-time job, counted “shovel-ready” as job growth? 

Now Obama wants $50 billion more. Whatever happened to the initial stimulus package and the trillion dollars spent there?  

It is funny that Obama still blames the Republicans for thwarting his initiatives even though there are Democrats who are reluctant to add more money to this administration’s huge deficit.

If I could meet Obama today, I would ask him, “Who will be paying for all of these initiatives, and when, if ever, will the buck stop at his desk?”

I would tell him that the economy is not the Republicans’ or George Bush’s fault. 

This new round of reckless spending is just another $50 billion we don't have.

Jason T.


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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.