MARCH 4, 2010
Goffstown voters given bogus tax impact information

Incorrect and misleading tax impact computations where printed in The Goffstown News on Thursday just three business days before voting day. The source and purpose of this act have not been brought to light. This incorrect information is now fixed in the voters' minds as they go to vote on Tuesday. 

Last year, the School Superintendent, Stacy Buckley, sent out an e-mail via the district emergency notification contact list of about 2000 addresses urging support of the school proposed budget at the deliberative session. 

Is history repeating itself in Goffstown? 

These are not two isolated occurrences. Just a few weeks ago, the School Board, lead by Chairman Keith Allard, attempted to kidnap the budget from the Budget Committee and the fall guy for that caper became Attorney Kaplin of Concord’s prestigious law firm of Sulloway & Hollis. 

For both of these acts, Allard gave the public an apology. Buckley gave the public an apology for the e-mail caper. Kaplin gave the public an apology in the other case. 

Apologies are not enough this time. The guilty party or parties of this latest violation of the public trust and step down immediately. 

What are these people teaching Goffstown’s students?

Bill Gordon


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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.