FEBRUARY 19, 2010
School District must make tough decisions
To the Editor:

In tough economic times, companies are forced to make tough decisions. Employees are laid off or receive pay cuts and a reduction in their benefits. Businesses and their employees are forced to do more with less.

Since the School District claims to operate like a business, tough decisions MUST be made to keep the “business” operating during these tough economic times.

  • It’s time for the administrators to step up and take a pay cut. The combined salaries of the superintendent and two assistant superintendents are in excess of $300K! A 10% reduction to their salaries would save >$30K. How much would a 10% reduction to the salaries of the rest of the administrators (principals, assistant principals, etc.) save?
  • The superintendent should do her job and remove the MVMS principal who is intimidating his staff, resulting in excessive legal fees. Businesses pay their employees for performance. Why doesn’t it apply in the school district?
  • The teachers should give up their raises or agree to a decrease in their raises to save jobs.

Cutting money from the budget by passing additional fees or costs onto parents is not fair! They are already shouldering increased property taxes because of the bloated school budget.

Taxpayers need to stand up and demand changes from the School Board members.

Their website is located at http://goffstown.k12.nh.us/SB/

I, like many others, choose to withhold my name for fear of retaliation against my family.

Thank you, Guy Caron, for creating a forum where people can speak anonymously. Otherwise, our voices would not be heard.

Name withheld upon request.


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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.