MAY 21, 2010
Staffing shortage closes MVMS library

To the Editor:

At the April 19, 2010 Goffstown School Board Meeting, I made a public comment regarding the closing of the Mountain View Middle School (MVMS) Library due to the librarian and the assistant librarian being absent on the same day.  I mentioned this solution to the problem of absences is a major concern because the assistant librarian position at MVMS has been eliminated in the budget for next year.

At the May 3, 2010 Goffstown School Board meeting, SAU superintendent Stacy Buckley verified that at least on one day the library was closed due to the absence of staff.  So, how will the administration solve the problem for next year since they will be down one staff person?  Will they continue to close the library when the librarian is absent? 

Well, there is a practice which has been used in the past and tends to be the “modus operandi” of the administration.  This will be of special interest and importance to parents of children who receive services.  You see, in the past paraprofessionals, who are hired to provide educational services to students, have been taken away from the students they are supposed to be working with to fill in doing jobs due to absences.  That can include using them for bus/lunch duties, substitute teaching, or anything else that may be a loose end at the moment. So, will checking out books be the new loose end paraprofessionals will be pulled from students to do?

Remember, both school board chairman Keith Allard and Stacy Buckley claimed they made position cuts based on what would affect students the least.  Please be vigilant, parents and taxpayers, and hold Allard and Buckley to the claim.

In the meantime, may I suggest the elimination of the curriculum coordinator position at MVMS?  It is a fluff position, totally unnecessary in direct support for students. Yes, I know Ms. Buckley claims it is necessary and I am sure she is quite sincere in her opinion.  It is necessary to make the jobs of administrators easier.  Perhaps that is why teachers, paraprofessionals and other support positions were cut but absolutely no administrators.  Just so you know, the Special Education (SPED) Coordinator position which was cut has been restored at MVMS and that position was always necessary.  However ,the curriculum coordinator is not. 

Be aware, parents, and make sure your child’s needs are met, and not the comfort and well-being of MVMS administrators who do not want to carry any of the burdens of this weak economy and work harder due to cuts.

Donna Pinard


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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.