Reply to Pam Whitney  

 February 5, 2010

To the Editor:

This is a reply to Pam Whitney’s editorial in the February 4, 2010 edition of the Goffstown News. 

Ms. Whitney states it is a “conflict of interest” for Lorry Cloutier, my daughter, and Dan Cloutier, my husband, to serve as elected officials in Goffstown. Let us follow where this fallacious reasoning ends.

First of all, Pam, you need to know Ginny McKinnon, GSB member, has two daughters who are teachers in Goffstown. One is at GHS and the other is at MVMS. I suppose you would think she has a conflict of interest? 

My husband, Dan Cloutier, voted for school cuts last year and this year. Last year they cut a special education teacher at GHS which made my caseload larger. So, I guess he voted his judgment for the taxpayers in Goffstown rather than what would directly affect me. This past budget cycle he voted for a cut in the budget. Chairman Keith Allard assures the public that cuts will be necessary across the board, administrators, general education as well as special education. Conceivably, this will make my job more difficult. Once again, Dan Cloutier voted his judgment in what was best for the taxpayers and not what directly affects my job.

If we follow your line of reasoning then everyone has a conflict because they have children in the schools. It would be absurd to think that Jeff Tate could not vote on issues affecting Bartlett School because his own children attend there. Keith Allard’s children are also in the school system. Which votes would you like him to abstain from?

Do you see the error in your reasoning? People who serve in public office are either directly affected by the decisions they make or members of their families are affected. 

Come on over to my house so we can talk, Pam. Since we do not know each other, I really think it is time we meet.

Donna Pinard


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