APRIL 16, 2010
My two minute wait for nothing 

To the Editor:

I recently attended one of Carol Shea-Porter's town hall meetings. Walking in, I signed up for a raffle chance for two minutes to ask a question ... I didn't get called.

So here it is – Ms. Shea-Porter, to my left are a couple people opening up your health care handout like it was a Christmas present and remarking how their twenty something kids can now remain on their health insurance policy and, gratefully, it won't cost them a dime!  They seem happy. 

To my right is a retired World War II Marine veteran who took three bullets in "the big one" and he is not at all happy with your recent vote. 

Just wondering which constituent you favor? 

While we are on the constituent subject, I saw many polls of New Hampshirites in which all, repeat all, were double digit against your vote in favor of the health care reform bill. So whom are you representing? 

I feel real sorry for that young lady who spoke a minute ago that had a pre-existing condition and could not find a job with health care.  She thanked you and got a nice round of applause.  But how is it constitutionally legal that the federal government force me or anyone to purchase this service or anything under penalty of taxation? 

I will work toward and hope my New Hampshire state government will join the 20 other expanding list of state governments that are suing the federal government, in effort to protect us, your constituents, from you, the federal government. 

P.S. It's disingenuous of you to call this a bipartisan bill because it contains Republican amendments.  It had zero Republican votes.  It is also disingenuous of you to say that Congress is participating in the program when Congress will clearly use the escape clause (in the bill) that allows those who like their health care program to keep it.

Jason T.


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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.