March 8, 2011
Pancoast, school board, vote to further restrict public comment

To the Editor:

A motion by Phil Pancoast last night, passed by the School Board, will now give the School Board chairman even more power to further limit public comment at School Board meetings. áá

Public comment is one of the most effective ways to make known the thoughts and feelings of the public, be it positive or negative. Of the nine members present, only Lorry Cloutier and Jennifer Theroux voted against this assault against our right to free speech.á

There are good people on the slate of candidates for three seats on the School Board today. Please consider voting for Mary Parah, Leah Wolczko and Ben Hampton.á

And a fair warning to Pancoast, Keith Allard, Dian McCarthy, Kent Nolan, and Virginia McKinnon: You will be haunted for your assault upon free speech until you either choose to step down from the board or fail to get re-elected.á

Disclaimer: I am making this statement as a strong supporter of free speech. I don't give a damn about the political party registration of any of the candidates - this is a non-partisan election.

Bill Gordon





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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.