March 4, 2011
Vote Sean Skinner for Budget Committee

To the Editor:

When you go to the polls on March 8, please vote Sean Skinner for the Budget Committee.  A long time resident of Goffstown, having attended our local schools and now a Goffstown homeowner and parent of 3 school age children, Sean is an excellent choice and will serve us well.  Not afraid of hard work or speaking his mind, he is sure to take a hard look at where our tax money is being spent.  Having served on many committees and involved in many organizations with Sean, I have found him to be a person committed to making Goffstown the best community it can be.  Finding a balance between a great education for our children, services that the town needs and keeping our taxes in check, is something Sean Skinner will dedicate his time on the committee to working towards.  Get out and vote on March 8th!

Jane Steckowych





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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.