JUNE 18, 2010
Post public hearings in the Goffstown News

To the Editor:

I find it ironic that last week Chairman Scott Gross chose to use the Goffstown News to try and explain how open to the public the process of the roundabout was. But the Goffstown Board of Selectmen did not and do not use the Goffstown News to post a notice for the public hearings. 

Chairman Scott Gross encourages residents to contact the Board of Selectmen. Please contact them and ask them to post Board of Selectmen public hearing notices in the Goffstown News before a project is a "Done Deal", so that residents will know when the public hearings are being held and have a chance to express their opinion.

The website for selectmen contact info is http://www.goffstown.com/boards/selectmen.shtml

For the readers without internet access Phone numbers from the town website are also listed below.

Scott Gross, sgross@goffstownnh.gov 497-5046 (Home),
Phil D"Avanza, pdavanza@goffstownnh.gov 497-2256 (Home),
Nick Campasano, ncampasano@goffstownnh.gov 497-5767 (Home),
Steve Fornier, sfournier@goffstownNH.gov 627-9898 (Home),
David Pierce, dpierce@goffstownnh.gov 497-8278 (Home)

If you are looking for the new Peg on demand videos of meetings you need to 1st go to www.Goffstown.com, then 2nd click on the Town Departments and Offices link. 3rd you will have to click on the link to GTV-Goffstown Community Television, 4th you then click on the link Government Meeting Videos "On demand" then 5th click on which meeting you would like to watch. 

Wayne Perreault


Copyrightę2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.


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Copyrightę 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.