FEBRUARY 26, 2010
Please consider supporting Article #19
To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Goffstown Article #19, which will secure a conservation easement for the Robert’s farmland on Addison Road in Goffstown. 

When I first moved to Goffstown from NJ in 1984, I was in awe of the natural landscape that surrounds us, particularly on our back roads. I went out with my 35 mm and video cameras and tried to capture its beauty for my family and friends in NJ. Many years have gone by, and there have been many changes to our back roads. I now take for granted the remaining natural beauty and don’t see it the same way I did with fresh eyes. Many of us have been here for a number of years and we don’t realize how precious these natural resources are and how they need to be protected for future generations. We need to work together to protect certain parcels so that they remain for future generations to enjoy; so that when they drive up Addison or any other road in this town, they don’t have to say, “Oh, remember when that was beautiful farm land”.

I realize that the budget is tight and there may seem to be more pressing matters this year. However, I’d like to refer you to the Master Plan, which states, “Preserve the working landscape by sustaining farm and forest land and other rural resource lands to maintain contiguous tracts of open land to minimize land use conflicts. The Town should encourage the conservation of land in larger tracts, for continued use as farmland, unfragmented wildlife habitat and forest land.” We have to ask ourselves, when will 450 acres of land be available again for a conservation easement?

I also want to bring to your attention that local studies have concluded that protecting land for conservation use is far less expensive than having it developed into residential subdivisions. You could be looking at approximately 200 new residential house lots on this parcel. The school system could not sustain this added enrollment. An abutting community’s study shows that for every $1.00 in revenue collected, $1.16 is spent in services to residential properties and $.55 is spent in services to open space. 

The time to plan and invest in our future is now. They are not producing any new land, and if we continue to develop the way we have been, we will someday look like NJ.

Please consider supporting Article #19. Our future depends on your support.

Jo Ann Duffy


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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.