February 18, 2011
Enraged at Allard's behavior

To the Editor:

I am enraged that the chairman of the school board was allowed to act as he did at the school board meeting. 

He acted in an unprofessional manner towards concerned town residents.  Many lies were told at that school board meeting and the public has a right to know the truth.  The atmosphere at the middle school is depressing to say the least. 

There have been several FORMAL complaints filed through the appropriate channels and NOTHING was ever done.  The letter that was read 2 weeks ago as well as the letter that was not allowed to be heard, are all true.  

Wake up GSB and admit you made a mistake and fix your mistake.  There’s been intimidation, and there’s been repercussions to speaking up unless you are among the few chosen puppets.  There is no student accountability in grades 5 through 8, then the students go the high school and are presented with reality: if you break a rule there is a consequence.  Not at MVMS, the students can damage property, steal, cheat, lie, swear, roam the building and nothing happens. 

GSB members, please visit MVMS and speak to teachers.  They will tell you the truth before it's too late.






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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.