This is a new section of our website intended to publicize the numerous concerns expressed by teachers, staff and parents regarding Mountain View Middle School.  We invite and encourage any and all folks in the community - especially teachers, staff and parents - to send us anything they'd like to see published on this page. 

We hope this will give those who might be hesitant to speak out publicly an outlet for expressing their concerns anonymously.

Your privacy and anonymity is assured.


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> 02-18-11:  MVMS teachers, staff deserve to be heard  [Opinion]  New 
> 02-18-11:  Enraged at Allard's behavior  [Letter To The Editor]  New 
> 02-18-11:  MVMS teachers, staff need help from citizens  [Letter To The Editor]  New 
> 02-18-11:  School board can override chairman  [Letter To The Editor]  New 
> 02-18-11:  Statement from MVMS teachers and staff from January 24, 2011  [Document]  New 
> 02-11-11:  MUST-SEE VIDEO:  Keith Allard squashes public comment at 2/7/2011 meeting  [Video]  
> 02-07-11: 
Statement from MVMS teachers and staff that Mr. Allard refused to allow  [Document]

> 12-10-10:  Jim Hunt’s “Unsatisfactory Performance” List  [Letter To The Editor]
> 08-25-10:  Written evidence of harassment at MVMS  [Letter To The Editor]  
> 05-21-10:  Staffing shortage closes MVMS library  [Letter To The Editor] 
> 04-08-10:  What's going on at Mountain View?  [Letter To The Editor]
> 03-12-10:  Dear Majority of the '09-'10 Goffstown School Board  [Letter To The Editor] 
> 02-26-10:  Discontent at Mountain View  [Letter To The Editor]
> 02-19-10:  School District must make tough decisions  [Letter To The Editor] 
> 02-12-10:  Keith Allard Gives Incorrect Information  [Letter To The Editor]

> 12-24-09:  Things No Better at MVMS  [Guest Editorial]
> 11-13-09:  Hunt wrong man for the job at MVMS
  [Member Editorial]
> 09-18-09: 
School Board hears teacher grievance  [News Article]
> 08-21-09:  Fifty-Six Percent Turnover of Staff at MVMS  [Guest Editorial]
> 06-17-09:  Parents Criticize Mountain View Middle School  [News Article]

From, May 19, 2006:  Outgoing principal was target of sexual harassment complaint



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