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August 21, 2009
Fifty-Six Percent Turnover of Staff at MVMS

During the June, 2009 monthly School Board meeting, Angela Martinez asked the following question during Public Comment: “Why has there been a 56% turnover of staff at Mountain View Middle School?”  This number is derived since the time of James Hunt’s installation as principal of MVMS.  He is beginning his fourth year at MVMS this fall.  

When Mrs. Martinez asked her question, Ms. Stacy Buckley, SAU 19 Superintendent, leaned over to School Board Chairman Keith Allard and told him he did not need to answer the question because it was asked during Public Comment.  Keith Allard thanked all members of the community for their comments and proceeded with the meeting without answering the question.

James Hunt recently mailed a greeting letter to parents for the upcoming academic year.  In the letter, he claims 92% of the staff from last year are returning this year.  This is good, but will Mrs. Martinez receive an answer to the question as to why there has been a 56% turnover of staff since his tenure? 

Mr. Hunt also mentioned that the same Administrative Team was returning for the first time during his tenure.  Why has there been such a big turnover of administrators since his tenure?  By the way, the Administrative Team returning this year is the same administration that was in charge during the four consecutive days of student bomb threats involving the Fire Dept. and the Police Dept. 

Are the taxpayers getting their money’s worth with these administrators on the job?

Mr. Hunt claims the administrators have been hard at work filling six professional positions for the upcoming year.  How many of those six positions were non-renewals hired by Mr. Hunt in the first place?

Why hasn’t the School Board done exit interviews with staff to determine why this mass exodus has occurred?  This writer suggested to Keith Allard that he conduct exit interviews over a year ago. 

Will Angela Martinez and other concerned citizens ever get an answer to this question?



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