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Time for Goffstown to move forward
March 15, 2007

Now that the votes from Tuesday's Town Meeting have been counted, it's time for Goffstown to rally around it's newly elected officials and assist them in helping Goffstown continue to move forward as a community.

First, we offer sincere congratulations to our newly-elected selectmen Vivian Blondeau and Scott Gross.  In joining the Board of Selectmen, you both, along with John Caprio, Nick Campasano and Phil D'Avanza, will face many tough challenges in the coming year.  Rising taxes, 24/7 implementation, budget issues and increasing our commercial tax base are but a few.

We are confident the current BOS is up to meeting the challenges currently before them, as well as those that lie ahead.  We urge all residents to support our new board in the coming year. 

As for outgoing members of the BOS, we have already expressed our gratitude to Barbara Griffin for her exemplary service to our community (see "Thank you Barbara Griffin").  

Selectman Bruce Hunter is deserving of no less.

Mr. Hunter has served our community with pride and dignity for several years and, fortunately for Goffstown, will continue to do so as one of our State Representatives.  Recently the victim of a negative ad campaign by a local resident (see "'Vote Out' campaign went too far"), Hunter should be remembered not for claims made by a single individual, but for his tireless efforts in working for the betterment of Goffstown for so many years, both locally and at the state level. 

Thank you Mr. Hunter for your past, invaluable service to Goffstown.

Congratulations are also in order to Cathy Whooten (Sewer Commission), Gail Labrecque and Denis Pinard (both elected to the ZBA).  We look forward to benefiting from your contributions to our community as well.

Goffstown, as a whole, faces many serious challenges in the coming year, and those dedicated individuals serving on every board and committee in town will need our help and support.  If we all work together with our elected representatives, meeting those challenges will be much more easily accomplished.





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