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'Vote Out' campaign went too far
March 13, 2007

We have no problem with individuals in this country standing up and speaking out for or against candidates or issues.  After all, such expressions are the very foundation of our form of government and freedom of expression.

But in our view, local resident Wayne Perreault's recent 'Vote Out' ad campaign aimed at selectman Bruce Hunter got way out of hand.  Some residents went so far recently as to label Perreault's attacks on Hunter and DPW director Carl Quiram 'despicable'. 

Perreault's effort is estimated to have cost thousands, with dozens of display ads appearing in the Goffstown News, the New Hampshire Union Leader as well as this web site.  His attacks against Hunter appear rooted not so much in a disagreement with Hunter's politics as it is in Perreault's perception of an alliance between Hunter and Quiram - Perreault's true nemesis.
In addition to the display ad campaign against Hunter, Perreault paid for the distribution of two-sided flyers in local papers which also attacked Quiram.  Perreault, who says he has a sleep-disorder disability called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has been at odds with Quiram for years, beginning over an issue involving the time of day that DPW plows the street and sidewalks where Perreault lives.  Apparently, it disturbs his sleep cycle.  

Ad run by Wayne Perreault in local media

During his anti-Hunter/Quiram blitz, Perreault varied his display ad headlines between "It's Time for a Change" and "Support Our Fire Department", claiming that Hunter does not support the fire department due to his actions as selectman last year involving the dismissal of fire chief Frank Carpentino, and the selectmen's efforts to merge the police and fire departments.  

But Perreault has stated his own support of the fire department is also rooted in his need to know that since he is disabled, a response will be as quick as possible should he require it.  He also has stated he has run his 'Vote Out' ads "against those who deny people with disabilities their civil rights".  

We know of no occasion where Hunter or Quiram have denied anyone their civil rights, and Perreault has yet to produce any.

And as for his issues with the DPW, Perreault's numerous, scathing letters to Goffstown News and to this web site finally prompted director Quiram to respond publicly in an address to the Board of Selectmen on March 5th (read Quiram's statement here).

Perreault has already indicated his intent to continue his 'Vote Out' campaign next year against selectman Phil D'Avanza.  We're all for freedom of speech, and are fully supportive of any resident who wishes to express his or her opposition to particular candidates or issues, provided it's done in a civilized way.  But we believe Mr. Perreault's ultimate goal of replacing all remaining members of the 2005 Board of Selectmen might better be accomplished in other ways, such as promoting candidates he supports and the reasons for such support.

We have a suggestion for Mr. Perreault:  Next year, try taking the high road.  Try spending your money supporting those you'd like to see in office, and your reasons why.  Your points-of-view may not stir quite the same controversy, but they'll certainly garner more respect.



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