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Selectmen put a hold on future roundabouts
March 30, 2007

GOFFSTOWN - Construction of additional roundabouts in Goffstown was put on hold Monday night by the Board of Selectmen. 

Chairman John Caprio initiated the discussion, following up on concerns he expressed in January over spending an additional $98,000 to add cobblestone and granite curbing to the Grasmere traffic circle (see
Grasmere roundabout completion to cost an additional $98,000).

Initially, Caprio asked board members to reconsider the previous board's approval of that $98,000 expenditure, saying
“I’m very uncomfortable putting more money into that”.  He made a motion to suspend that expenditure until additional discussions could be held with Public Works Director Carl Quiram.

However, selectman Nick Campasano mentioned that the engineering plans for the circle had been approved and stamped requiring the inclusion of granite curbing and a cobblestone center area.

In addition, selectman Phil D'Avanza called the current appearance of the Grasmere circle "horrendous", and suggested that Quiram be allowed to complete it as planned, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to use the completed Grasmere circle as a sort of test case to help decide on whether or not to go forward with two more planned roundabouts.

“We’re looking at two other roundabouts in town. How are we to measure how successful they’ll be” without finishing the Grasmere structure, D’Avanza said.

Current plans call for construction of two more roundabouts, one at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Mast Road, and the other at Wallace and Mast roads.

Caprio eventually withdrew his motion to suspend further expenditures on the Grasmere circle and allow the work to be completed in lieu of supporting a motion made by Campasano (passed 5-0-0) to instead halt plans to construct future roundabouts until the effectiveness and success of the Grasmere circle can be ascertained.

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