January 5, 2007
On March 13th, please support the
Right-To-Know Petition Warrant Article 27

“Shall the Town vote to direct that records (including official minutes) of transactions and undertakings of all public bodies of the Town of Goffstown and of any and all Town public proceedings as defined in N.H. RSA 91-A:1-a are to include descriptive information reflecting the affirmative or negative vote cast and noted by each individual member of such public body on all matters for which a vote is taken, such that member votes are recorded by name and subject matter of each vote.”


On December 4, 2006
, Goffstown selectmen Nick Campasano made a motion on behalf of GRA chairman Guy Caron to augment official minutes taken during the board of selectmen meetings to record votes by board member name.  That motion, seconded by selectman John Caprio, failed 2-3, as board members Philip D'Avanza, Barbara Griffin and Bruce Hunter all voted against.

The ensuing reaction by residents throughout Goffstown has been swift and direct.  The result of the vote has caused widespread reaction not only by residents, but throughout the entire state.  As can be seen below, numerous articles and editorials in both the Goffstown News and the Manchester Union Leader, along with numerous letters by local residents have been published since, and continue at this writing.

As a result, Guy Caron, chairman of our organization, submitted the above petition warrant article for inclusion on the March 2007 Town ballot.

The board finally reversed itself on January 8, 2007 (
see article).  

Please support Right-To-Know Petition Warrant Article 27

The result of the board's January 8 vote can be reversed at a later date as easily as it was passed that night.  As such, we urge all Goffstown voters to support Article 28 on March 13th, and help promote accountability and openness in Goffstown's government.


From Charlie Carr, Goffstown:
Wow! So much ado about almost nothing. Three of our selectmen do not want their votes recorded in the minutes of meetings. One selectman says that, come election time, voters can find a record of his voting for a guide to voting for or against him. They are.... more >>

From Bill Wynne, Goffstown:

To all of the People in Goffstown:  The will of an elected public official to deny the public the Right to Know is absurd and outrageous. I am completely unsatisfied with the response of those in Goffstown who we have elected, to deny the public of a right....
more >>

From Herbert Edwards, Goffstown:

It seems that no one in public office, from the Oval Office to the board of selectmen, wants to be held accountable to their constituents.  Perhaps they are the wrong people for the position. I, for one, will remember how our selectmen voted on Guy Caron’s...
more >>

From Scott Gross, Goffstown:
Over the last couple of weeks there has been considerable discussion about whether or not elected officials should record votes by name. As a member of the school board, I support full disclosure of the public's right to know- and that includes... more >>

From Linda A. Gelfand, Goffstown:
The votes of all members of our federal Congress are recorded each and every time a vote is taken; Congress knows it is responsible and answerable to the voters who put them in office. Why are our local officials so special and secretive? What do they fear...
more >>

From Pat Rueppel, Hooksett Town Councilor:
Dark in Goffstown" (was an editorial that) appeared in The Union Leader, Friday,  Dec. 15, 2006. The article looks like the handy work of Andrew Cline.  D’Avanza, Griffin and Hunter ought to be ashamed of themselves. The public should... more >>


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December 5, 2006
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