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Right-To-Know issue outrages community

December 22, 2006

GOFFSTOWN - On Monday night, the Goffstown Board of Selectmen (BOS) continued to ignore demands by residents to augment meeting minutes to reflect individual member votes on motions.  Members Philip D'Avanza, Barbara Griffin and Bruce Hunter, having originally voted on the majority side against Nick Campasano and John Caprio, are the only boards members allowed to submit a motion to reconsider their previous decision.  

Two weeks ago, Hunter informed state representative Pamela Manney of his intent to do just that in light of the public reaction to the board's original decision.  To date, no such motion to reconsider has been forthcoming.  The board's refusal to reconsider its vote has brought furious reaction not only in Goffstown, but statewide.  Rep. Pamela Manney will soon be introducing a bill to amend the state's Right To Know law to mandate full disclosure of the voting records of publicly-elected officials.  In addition, the Goffstown Residents Association is currently looking into the submission of a petition warrant article on the issue for the March Town Vote.

Both residents and non-residents weigh in

Since the original vote by the BOS on December 4th refusing to disclose individual votes, reaction has been swift and widespread.  The Goffstown News, Manchester Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News have published numerous letters, articles and editorials on the issue.  And one letter appearing in yesterday's Goffstown News was submitted by Hooksett Town Council member Pat Rueppel.

Many more letters by local residents have been received by the Goffstown News and the GRA, as can be seen in the Letters to the Editor section of this web site.

Make your position known

The Goffstown Residents Association will be continuing its effort to work with our representatives in the state legislature to amend New Hampshire's Right-To-Know law so as to mandate the recording of individual member votes in all local government entities such as our own board of selectmen. 

You can - and do - make a difference!  Contact D'Avanza, Griffin and Hunter directly and make your position known:

Philip D'Avanza: Term expires in 2008
     7 Orchard Street, Manchester, NH 03102 
     Phone: (603) 668-2256
Barbara J. GriffinChairperson, up for re-election in March 2007
     84 Merrill Road, Goffstown, NH 03045
     Phone: (603) 497-8286    
Bruce F. HunterVice-chairperson, Up for re-election in March 2007
     23 Channel Lane, Goffstown, NH 03045-5265
     Phone: (603) 622-7123  

Further, we urge you to contact all of your elected representatives in this matter.  Help us work towards amending New Hampshire's Right-To-Know law to mandate the recording of individual member votes in all local government entities.  Click here for contact information on elected officials representing YOU



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