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March 5, 2009
Choosing the Right Candidate

I feel that it is important for the financial future of Goffstown that the right candidates are elected/re-elected for public office. The Selectmen and Budget Committee are taking a very necessary closer look at how money is spent, and that good effort should continue.

The Selectman, under the chairmanship of Nick Campasano, really worked hard to keep town expenses and property taxes down, and I strongly feel that he should be re-elected.

Also, Bill Gordon would be a strong addition to the town as a Selectman because of all his work on the Budget Committee successfully putting town expenditures under the fiscal microscope.

Budget Committee Chairman Dan Cloutier should also be re-elected because of his demonstrated expertise in steering the Budget Committee through the turbulent rapids of the town budget process.

Guy Caron, editor of the Goffstown Residents Association website, clearly has the best financial interests of the town in his sights, and he would be an excellent addition to the Budget Committee.

Budget Committee member, Roxann Hunt should also be re-elected to continue her work championing the interests of Goffstown taxpayers.

I feel that in order to continue tightly questioning the potential increases in Goffstown property taxes, the above candidates should be seriously considered for office. Their strong advocacy for controlling expenses is a big plus as Goffstown is confronted with deteriorating financial circumstances.

Please do the right thing and vote for the above candidates.


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