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December 22, 2008

$chool budget continues to double every 10 years
At current pace, Goffstown $chool budget will exceed $1 Billion in 50 years

As the nation’s recession deepens amidst increasing unemployment, failing financial institutions and unchecked inflation, the future remains uncertain for most Americans.  But here in Goffstown, we can all depend on one thing: our $chool Board will again increase our taxes. 

The board’s recently-proposed budget of over $34M is another slap in the face to hardworking Goffstown residents, as out-of-control spending by the Goffstown $chool Board is further proof of their apparent failure to consider taxpayers, and the board's focus on nothing other than their own agenda.

And keep in mind that enrollment has fallen over the last few years. 

While our $chool Board continues to increase its budget and raise our taxes, other school districts understand the hardships their residents are facing.  This year, the Hooksett school board is asking for $67K less than last year, and the Raymond school board actually returned $327K to its taxpayers.

The Goffstown's $chool Board's continued predilection for stuffing the school department’s pockets at our expense is nothing new.  In fact, it follows a trend that goes back over 50 years.      

Local resident Ivan Beliveau recently conducted a study on our school budgets, going back to 1957.  Using Town Reports published each year since then, Mr. Beliveau’s research exposed an alarming (though not surprising) trend:  Goffstown’s school budgets regularly double every 10 years.  

The chart below, in 5-year increments beginning in 1957, is taken from Mr. Beliveau's research data: 


# Students Total Budget (Actual) % Increase over 10 yrs Cost per Student
1957 873 $290,778 N/A $333
1962 1,145 $458,440 N/A $400
1967 1,743 $1,004,242 345% $576
1972 2,369 $1,763,452 384% $746
1977 2,464 $2,894,706 288% $1,175
1982 2,278 $4,161,587 235% $1,827
1987 2,176 $7,669,773 264% $3,525
1992 2,445 $12,799.086 307% $5,235
1997 2,676 $16,572,996 216% $6,193
2002 2,998 $24,683,679 192% $8,233
2007 3,041 $34,822,651 210% $11,451
Chart shows how Goffstown $chool budget doubles every 10 years

As revealing as the figures in the above chart are, what is truly alarming is extending this 50-year trend forward another 50 years, to wit:


# Students Total Budget (Actual) % Increase over 10 yrs Cost per Student
2017 3,000 $70,000,000 200% $23,333
2027 3,000 $140,000,000 200% $46,666
2037 3,000 $280,000,000 200% $93,333
2047 3,000 $560,000,000 200% $186,666
2057 3,000 $1,120,000,000 200% $373,333
If $chool spending continues at the present rate, our budget will exceed $1.1 billion by 2057.

At a time when our selectmen worked overtime to successfully reduce our tax burden on the town side and maintain our tax rate unchanged, our school department continues, year after year, to empty taxpayer wallets at an alarming rate.  It is interesting to note that when our school budget does indeed reach over one billion dollars 50 years or so from now, it is the very children we are now educating that will be left to handle this disaster. 

And they'll have our $chool Board - along with other inflationists in Washington, D.C. - to thank for it.



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