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September 19, 2008

Holden letter just an outright lie


Last week, we published a Letter to the Editor from Hillsborough County Commissioner Carol Holden in which she rebutted a recent GRA guest editorial citing Holden's false allegations against recent challenger Pamela Manney.  The editorial pointed out that in an August 29th press release, Holden accused Manney of failing to file an August 20th Summary of Receipts and Expenditures as required by state RSA 664.  This allegation by Holden was soon proven to be false.

Unfortunately, it appears false claims are not uncommon to Holden.

In her letter to the GRA, Holden wrote, "In that editorial, I was falsely accused me of not telling the truth about my opponent’s filing the August 20th Candidate Receipt and Expense Form."  Her letter went on to state, "I wrote the press release stating that "I believe that my opponent has not filed."  

Note that Holden emphasized the word 'believe' in bold.

OK, so Holden claimed she never said in her press release that Manney had not filed, but rather that her press release stated she only "believed" Manney had not filed.  So we took a look at her press release ourselves.

On August 29th, we received the email below from Holden herself with the aforementioned press release attached.

Email received from County Commissioner Carol Holden on August 29, 2008.
Note the attached press release. "FOR IMMEDIATEManney08.doc"



We reviewed that press release and discovered, as can be seen below, that, in direct contradiction to the claim she made in her letter to the GRA, she stated "Pam Manney, my opponent in the Republican Primary for District 3 County Commissioner, did not file the August 20th Summary of Receipts and Expenditures as required by RSA 664.":

Holden press release of August 29, 2008.


Hmmm...it certainly appeared to us she had lied in her letter to the GRA.  So we contacted Holden directly and asked her to comment.  


In her email response to us, she wrote, "You are correct that I did not state in the press release it was my belief on August 27th...", an admission she lied in her letter to us.  She also stated "The words “I believe” were used in the complaint."  They were indeed, Carol, but not the way you're implying.

In that complaint to Secretary of State William Gardner, Holden again flatly stated that her opponent "...did not file the Summary of Receipts and Expenditures..." (emphasis added).  

The words 'I believe' were actually used in the following statement, "I believe that she has incurred expenditures in excess of $500 and that she is required to file.


Obviously, Holden is quite adept at manipulating facts.  She admittedly lied in her letter to the GRA, and then cleverly attempted to twist the truth when implying she had, in her complaint to the state, used the word "believe'  to accuse Manney of failing to file, when in fact the word 'believe' was actually used in reference to Manney's expenditures.  

Some voters will no doubt see this issue, regarding the use of a single word, as trivial.  But it is symptomatic of a much greater concern - that of Holden's honesty and integrity, and indicative of her apparent affinity for cleverly misleading and manipulating the public.  It's a shame she stooped to such low levels just to win re-election.

It is truly unfortunate, and an incredible disservice to voters, that Holden continues her dishonest tactics.  And we will never know how her false accusations may have affected the outcome of the election.  Worse, can we ever believe anything she says to her constituents?

Voters and taxpayers beware...


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