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September 8, 2008

Holden is not telling the truth, AGAIN!


Then and now! 

Just a few short years ago, when I met Carol Holden, County Commissioner, District 3 and discussed some issues with regard to a parcel of County Land located in Goffstown, she assured me that her position on this land was solid and she would not waiver in her decision.  

When I attended a commissioner's meeting about this same issue then, I realized I was in a meeting room with a flip flopping commissioner who, privately will say one thing and publicly defend her 'other' position like she was at the gates of Fort Knox. Holden, I then realized was a true-definition of the phrase; 'Do as I say and Not as I Do!' This election cycle appears no different, as Holden continues with outright lies about Pam Manney's failure to file a 'Summary of Receipts and Expenditures'. 

Anyone can view Pam Manney's report on-line just as she outlined in her letter to the editor in the 8 September edition. Manney, who is running to defeat Holden for the District 3 seat, is honest, resourceful, competent and would never take to dishonest tactics used by Holden. If there was a time for change, it is now. 

I urge every voter to support Pam Manney for County Commissioner, District 3. She has what it takes to get the job done in a proven honest manner, every day, and all year long, in support of you and not to special interest.


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