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Voters must finish what they started in 2006
Race for selectman seats crucial in accomplishing the mission

March 12, 2007

Last year, the voters sent a crystal clear message that they were fed up with the way things were being run in Goffstown.  Fueled by selectmen's continued defiance of the will of the voters by failing once again to establish 24/7 coverage, firing the fire chief and attempting to merge the police and fire departments, Goffstown's voters began a shakeup in Town Hall the likes of which hadn't been seen in years.  

Dick Georgantas, a long term incumbent on the planning board, was voted out of office.  So was chairman and incumbent selectman Gossett McRae.  Perennial selectman Robert Wheeler apparently saw the handwriting on the wall and decided not to run at all.  Three separate petition articles appeared on the warrant demanding that the BOS stop their efforts to merge the police and fire departments.  Three more demanded reinstatement of the fire chief, and yet another required that in order to serve as selectman, residency in Goffstown would be required.  All passed by wide margins.

Voters also expressed anger over rising taxes and spending.  Two other petition articles requested that control of the Town operating budget be turned over to the Budget Committee.  And three TIF articles, along with other spending requests for Grasmere Town Hall renovations and the purchase of an excavator, failed. 

Most notable was the election of newcomers John Caprio and Nick Campasano to the Board of Selectmen.  Running amidst a field of seven candidates, they combined to garner over 57% of the total votes cast.  This infusion of new blood has already begun to show results - no easy task considering they have been outnumbered on the BOS all year by long-term members Phil D'Avanza, Barbara Griffin and Bruce Hunter.  

In short, the result of the March 2006 vote was the beginning of sweeping changes in Goffstown government, courtesy of the voters.  


But voters must stay the course if the ultimate mission is to be accomplished.  Putting long-time politicians like Bruce Hunter or Scott Gross (or worse, both) on the Board of Selectmen this year would do nothing more than stifle the efforts of Caprio and Campasano, and effectively put the brakes on any forthcoming changes in our town government.  We've already seen Hunter in action (if you can call it that), and Gross' reputation as a mega-spender is already well known.  If the goals of lowering taxes and restoring integrity and accountability in our town government are ever to be met, the voters must finish what they started in 2006. 


Caprio and Campasano will need your help to continue the work they began last year.  Fortunately, they will no longer have to deal with the constant roadblocks Griffin threw their way last year, as she is not seeking re-election.  But Hunter has already shown his disdain for the efforts of Caprio and Campasano, and Gross - little more than another 'Wheeler-in-the-making' - we believe has his own agenda and will certainly spend us all right out of town.

We urge voters to continue on the road to lowering taxes and restoring integrity and accountability in Goffstown government by electing Tricia Wynne and Vivian Blondeau to the board of selectmen.  Both are fiscal conservatives, and both have stood solidly behind the many initiatives of Caprio and Campasano all year.  Wynne and Blondeau are our best bet for ultimately finishing what we started last year. 

We voters made a real difference in 2006.  Now, we must stay the course in 2007.  


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