New monthly reporting policy
DPW answers selectmen's questions
May 4, 2007

GOFFSTOWN - As part of a new reporting policy adopted by the board of selectmen, DPW director Carl Quiram met with board members to discuss current plans within the department, covering everything from flood repairs, the feasibility of four-day work weeks, outsourcing and work planned for the summer.

After the meeting, selectman Scott Gross stated his belief that this initial discussion with Quiram was very beneficial.  

"As a new selectman, there is a learning curve in terms of gaining knowledge about town operations.  Although our first conversation with Carl was a little long, it provided some good baseline discussions about a variety of topics such as road work, solid waste, recycling, staffing etc.," he said.

Gross also said further discussions of this type with town department heads are only the beginning of the process.  "It will lead to better communication between the Board of Selectman and department heads.  Our primary goal is to make good sound decisions about our community's future and how we can best provide services as the most cost effective price," stated Gross.

During the meeting, selectmen asked tough questions of Quiram.  They inquired as to why some of Goffstown's newer roads sustained flood damage to their shoulders, whether our road engineering include drainage plans and how projects are tracked.  They also wanted more information on how DPW determines which roads are reclaimed first, the department's policy of summertime four-day work weeks and whether solid waste fees and engineering fees cover the town's costs.

"Overall, I was satisfied with many of the responses," Gross continued.  "I do plan on following up more on the issues of road drainage design, and cost benefit analyses on in house vs. outsourcing projects."

In accordance with their new reporting policy, selectmen will meet again with Quiram next month.  "I fully expect that future discussions will involve more detailed questions about DPW operations, budget, policies and staffing issues" said Gross.

Gross expects the selectmen's new reporting policy to reap many benefits. "It is my hope that the BOS will focus on creating a culture of accountability of all town employees, elected officials and citizens," he said.  "Everyone owns a piece of our town and that includes not only being critical of past decisions, but also being an active participant in solving problems." 

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