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BOS will now respond to public comments
March 30, 2007

GOFFSTOWN - At their Monday night meeting, selectmen discussed the Board's policy of hearing public comment without providing responses to those comments.  Selectman Vivian Blondeau brought up the issue, asking why the Board was not allowed to respond to citizen's questions during the public comment segment of their meetings.  

Selectmen Nick Campasano and Scott Gross quickly agreed, citing the need to increase communication with residents and the fact that answering questions and responding to public comments at times would help expedite the solving of problems or issues, as well as providing immediate answers to those residents coming to the Board with questions.

The Board agreed that in such instances when responses are given, those comments - as well as any ensuing discussions with residents - would need to be kept short.  

But consensus was reached to expand the Public Comments segment to allow selectmen to provide answers and responses to Goffstown's citizens.

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