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Selectmen oppose Senate Bill 88
March 23, 2007

GOFFSTOWN - At Monday's meeting of the Board of Selectmen, members discussed the recent passage of NH Senate Bill 88 and how it affects Goffstown
relative to public employee terms of employment, bargaining units, and dispute resolution.

Sponsored by our own District 20's Lou D'Allesandro (along with Betsi DeVries of District 18 and and David Gottesman of District 12), SB 88 will:

   •  Add safety considerations to terms and conditions of employment;
   •  Remove probationary employees from the determination of a bargaining unit;
   •  Continue the terms of a collective bargaining agreement until a new agreement is executed;
   •  Reduce the number of employees required for certification as a bargaining unit from the current 10 to only 3.

Selectmen resolved to oppose SB 88 and to send letters to D'Allesandro and Goffstown's eight state representatives stating as much, and to also ask for responses from all of them on the issue.  The board also agreed that Scott Gross would contact D'Allesandor directly on the issue. 

You can read Senate Bill 88 by clicking here:  It is scheduled to take effect sometime in mid-May.

For more information on how SB 88 affects Goffstown, contact your elected town and state officials


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