* The GRA maintains the privacy of its membership *

Membership in the GRA is free.  The only requirement is legal residency in Goffstown.

Our current membership is approximately 400.  We do hold meetings on occasion but they are completely unscheduled, very informal, and usually held at a member's home (we have never had more than 50 attend at one time). And our meetings are normally held only when a particular issue begins to "irk" a sizeable number of members (such as the kindergarten location, the firing of Chief Carpentino, upcoming town votes, certain warrant articles, tax rates, right-to-know issue, etc.). When we do get together, we'll usually decide on what position to take on the issue, how to deal with it, and thereafter initiate a campaign (sometimes via mailers but mostly now via our web site) accordingly.

Town Votes in the month of March get a lot of our attention. As the election approaches, the GRA will endorse particular candidates and warrant articles based on a polling of our members. The polling is unscientific of course (usually via email and occasional phone call). If a candidate or issue or warrant article receives support by 75% or more of our membership, we then publicly support that candidate or warrant article, and actively work against the opposing candidates and views.

The GRA is also a forum through which our members can make their positions more easily known. We have a Letters to the Editor section, and our editorials are all written by various members or contributing non-members. In addition, most of the articles regarding issues in town are submitted by members as well.

We vigorously protect the privacy of our members. I am the only one who maintains a formal membership list, and do so for contact purposes only. Indeed, many of those who contribute articles and editorials would not do so if their names were associated with those articles and editorials.

We would welcome you as a member. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you'd like to join, just let us know and provide us with your address, phone and email.  Send them to:

Goffstown Residents Association
238 Elm Street
Goffstown, NH  03045
Email:  GRA@GoffstownResidentsAssociation.com

Guy G. Caron, Chairperson  (603) 497-5900



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