The Goffstown Residents Association (GRA) is comprised of a group of nearly 400 concerned Goffstown residents dedicated to restoring and maintaining integrity in Goffstown government.

The GRA was originally formed in early 2005 with the hope of finding property which was appropriate for the construction of a kindergarten as well as allowing for expansion to meet the future needs of our school children, families and the greater community as a whole.  Our members had grave concerns that the Goffstown School District and the Goffstown Board of Selectmen (BOS) had consummated a land transaction that violated the public trust, was not in the best interest of the taxpayers, schoolchildren and residents of Goffstown or the State of New Hampshire Kindergarten Construction Program, and ultimately resulted in the unnecessary destruction of environmental resources and exceedingly higher costs to the taxpayers vs. alternatives readily available to them (see Kindergarten Files).

Unfortunately, our effort ended unsuccessfully in state Superior Court. 

Since that time, the GRA has refocused its efforts toward helping return - and thereafter maintain - integrity in Goffstown government.    

In June of 2006, the web site "", a source of unbiased and impartial political information provided for the benefit of Goffstown voters by resident Pamela Manney, was shut down (see related Goffstown News article).  

The Goffstown Residents Association, via this web site, is attempting to fill the void left by the absence of VoteSmart by providing, in addition to our own views, opinions, positions and editorials, an impartial political information section, "Voter Resources".  This area of our site is intended, to the best of our ability, to provide Goffstown voters with unbiased and impartial information to help Goffstown voters make sound, informed political decisions, regardless of our own positions on particular issues and/or candidates

    Please join our effort!



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