February 21, 2008 
Lockwood vying for Tyngsborough, MA position

Union Leader Correspondent

Superintendent Darrell Lockwood is being considered as a candidate in the search for superintendent in Tyngsborough, Mass.

Keith Allard, chairman of the Goffstown School Board, yesterday confirmed that Lockwood was one of four finalists. The possible departure affects the school districts of Dunbarton and New Boston as well as Goffstown. The three districts are grouped together under one school administrative unit, SAU 19.

"While it is certainly premature to say he may be leaving SAU 19, it is never too early to recognize the skills an individual brings to the table," Allard said. "It is obvious that Dr. Lockwood is being sought out by other school districts because of the leadership skills he has demonstrated during his career."

Lockwood got his start as a teacher in New Boston in 1976. He eventually became a principal and then went on to serve as the business administrator until 1987. For five years he was assistant superintendent for 12 towns close to the Seacoast area and held a similar position in Connecticut for six years. He returned to Goffstown as superintendent in 1998.

"Having a superintendent stay 10 years is a rarity in New Hampshire and certainly says something about the school districts of Goffstown, New Boston and Dunbarton and the relationship these school boards have with Dr. Lockwood," Allard said.

In his 10 years, Lockwood has presided over additions and remodeling to school buildings in all three towns, including a significant renovation at Goffstown High School. Also during his tenure, Goffstown opened a public kindergarten school. In 2002, Lockwood was named the Superintendent of the Year by the New Hampshire School Administrators Association.

Allard said he only recently became aware of the possibility that Lockwood might move on. Even though Lockwood has spent a decade in Goffstown, Allard said the news was still a surprise. "I guess in our hearts we anticipated that Dr. Lockwood would be with us longer than 10 years," Allard said.

Allard said the discussion has already started on how to orchestrate the search for new superintendent for Goffstown, New Boston, and Dunbarton. That search would look at candidates from inside and outside the SAU 19, according to Allard.

Lockwood could not be reached for comment.


Reproduced by the Goffstown Residents Association.


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