June 27, 2008 
250th Anniversary Committee meets Sept. 4

Goffstown News Correspondent

From January to December in 2011, Goffstown will pull out all the stops to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the town. The village of Goffstown was incorporated in 1761, and 250 years later, there are almost 18,000 people living in town.

There have already been several meetings held to discuss different events and possibilities.

Suggestions have included a big parade with floats and music, a family fair especially for the kids, winter events such as Goffstown First Night, and even a Grand Finale Gala. With an emphasis on historic education and celebration, the 250th Anniversary Committee also hopes to include a legacy for children.

Community organizations are busy considering how they can include their annual events in this anniversary celebration. Local churches will lend a hand, as well as the Class of 2011 at Goffstown High School.

The Goffstown 250th Anniversary Committee invites everyone interested in joining the team to attend their next meeting, on Sept. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Grasmere Town Hall. If you already belong to a community organization, consider sending a representative to this meeting to learn more about what’s already being planned. If you are a community member who has been waiting for the right time to volunteer, this would be that time!

If you are interested but not ready to commit yourself, that’s OK too. You can jump in when you are ready, or send a donation and then enjoy the parties and events in 2011.




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