Thursday, October 18, 2007 
Bog Road bridge repairs to begin

Goffstown News Correspondent

GOFFSTOWN - Construction on the Bog road bridge is slated to begin this week, pending arrival of an emergency wetlands permit to repair recently discovered damage remaining from the spring floods.

Carl Quiram, director of the Department of Public Works, reported on the bridge's status at the Monday, Oct. 15, Goffstown Board of Selectmen meeting.

The repairs will take approximately until mid-November and should not interfere with scheduled repairs for bridges on Mountain Road as previously thought, according to Quiram, because of assistance from the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The Bog Road bridge repairs could have potentially shifted back planned bridge repairs on Mountain Road until next year, said Quiram.

Bog Road Bridge serves as an access road for emergency vehicles when Mountain Road is closed.

Quiram said he would not have felt comfortable having both routes closed.

The damage was spotted Oct. 5 by a passerby who reported it to the DPW and the bridge was closed the same day.  Though the DOT had inspected bridges after the May floods, the Bog Road bridge damage was missed becasue of high water levels that have since receded, said Quiram.

Selectman Nick Campasano asked if all Goffstown bridges had been inspected since the water levels had dropped.  

Quiram replied they probably hadn't, but that the bridges on Mountain Road were the last of the red-listed bridges in Goffstown.


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