October 16, 2009
Goffstown attorney suspended for six months

GOFFSTOWN - Tamblyn F. Gosling, Esq., an attorney with a practice in Goffstown, has been issued a six-month suspension from practicing law, stayed for a period of two years, for altering medical release documents in a divorce proceeding.

Gosling is currently able to practice law and will be listed in records as having a six-month suspension but will not have to serve it if there are no additional problems within a two-year period.

According to a case file from the New Hampshire Supreme Court Professional Conduct Committee, the case arose from a divorce proceeding where she was representing Scott E. Simpson.

During the case, Gosling expressed interest in obtaining medical records on Simpson’s ex-wife, Julie Simpson. A medical release was forwarded for Julie Simpson to sign.

According to the case file, when Gosling received the original release, she altered it using a different color ink, adding check marks next to seven additional types of records that Julie Simpson had not authorized.

In the case file, Gosling said she did not expect Julie Simpson’s therapist would accept the release, but she thought she would try.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office would not comment on this case.

Gosling could also not be reached for comment. 



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