September 30, 2009
Brief power outage hits Goffstown

GOFFSTOWN - Several thousand residents of Goffstown and West Manchester who briefly lost power this morning have a wayward raven to blame, according to the Public Service of New Hampshire.

The outage began at 10:19 a.m., spokesman Matthew Chagnon said. He said the suspected cause is a raven that flew into lines that connect to the Rimmon substation on Upton Street. That caused the substation to trip, he said, in the same way that a circuit breaker might activate.

About 3,600 customers lost power for 5 minutes, and 2,600 lost power for about 30 minutes, Chagnon said.

At Saint Anselm College in Goffstown, power was quickly restored.

"We just lost power for about 15 minutes," said Donald Davidson, director of safety and security.

He said the outage was throughout campus.

"We got calls from pretty much every area saying, 'Hey, our building is out,' " he said.

He said the school called police to find out if the outage was just on campus, and found it to be more widespread.

"Three minutes later, our power came back on," he said.



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