July 31, 2009
Town changes recycling policy


GOFFSTOWN - Goffstown residents recently received a yellow hanger on their doors citing a policy change for recycling in town.

Residents are no longer able to throw plastic grocery bags or plastic film of any kind into the blue recycling bins.

This change comes in the wake of the town’s recycling contractor, Integrated Paper Recyclers, dropping the town as a customer on June 22.

According to Goffstown Public Works director Carl Quiram, the contractor had many problems with contamination in the Goffstown recycling stream.

“The main thing was plastic bags and plastic film,” said Quiram. “There was also a lot of trash – used baby diapers and cat litter.”

Currently, the town has no designated contractor to dispose of the town’s recyclables and is playing a spot market, Quiram said. Recyclables have been going to Charlestown, Mass., and Portland, Maine – basically, whoever has the best price that day.

“It is costing us a little more without a long-term contract,” said Quiram.

On Monday, July 13, Goffstown Public Works discussed the situation with the Board of Selectmen. According to Town Administrator Sue Desruisseaux, the selectmen plan to extend an invitation to Integrated Paper Recyclers to meet with the board to talk about issues with the current contract.

“I think (the problem) has been cleaned up quite a bit, but whether it’s up to their standards, we’re not sure,” said Desruisseaux. “We’re trying to get the biggest bang for our buck, and if we don’t get the cooperation from our residents, we’re not getting the most for every dollar spent.”

“Recycling is still way cheaper than trash,” said Quiram, “but it is costing people more because of the contamination.

(Integrated Paper Recyclers) was sorting and getting out of (loads) what they could, but there were a few loads that they decided weren’t worth picking through, so they went on through to the landfill.”

The Department of Public Works asks that recyclables go into the blue bins loose, and not in plastic bags. Some apartment complexes require recyclables be in bags, and clear plastic bags can be purchased at Shaw’s and Ace Hardware.

To get rid of plastic grocery bags, Shaw’s and Hannaford both have collection containers at the store entrances.

Items that can be recycled include:
  • Paper products – Cardboard, office paper, newsprint, magazines, junk mail, paper bags, egg cartons, cereal boxes, shoes boxes, milk cartons, paper towel rolls, phone books, folders and softcover books
  • Glass – All clear and colored glass and food/beverage containers.
  • Metal – Aluminum cans, metal food cans, aluminum foil and metal lids
  • Plastic products – All plastic containers marked 1 to 7, including beverage/food, detergent, pails, oil/antifreeze (drained and clean) and household grade foam containers/packaging.

For more information about the recycling program, contact the Goffstown Department of Public Works at 497-3617.



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