June 17, 2009
Parsons Drive Residents Denied
Road met town standard at time of construction 

GOFFSTOWN - The Goffstown Board of Selectmen denied making Parsons Drive into a public road during a board meeting Monday, and also discussed how to remedy a troubled intersection at Mast and Wallace Roads and the possibility of a new zip code for part of the town.

The Parsons Drive matter came down to a 2-3 vote, Sue Desruisseaux, town administrator, said.

“That was a kind of heated debate,” Scott Gross, chair of the board, said in an interview Tuesday.

The road, which has 17 homes on it, is private. Goffstown does not provide private roads with town services, such as snow or garbage removal. Residents petitioned for the street to be adopted as a public road, but while the road met some standards at the time it was built, it not longer does.

Two selectmen, Gross and Nick Campasano, were willing to accept the road if cracks in the ceiling were fixed and shoulders were added, which would cost residents about $3,000. But Vivian Blondeau, Philip A. D’Avanza and Steve Fournier also wanted the road to be overlayed, which would add about $32,000 on to the bill.

“It is up to the residents now. If they want to go and bring the road up to town standards, then they’ll have to spend the monies to do that,” Gross said. 


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