December 3, 2010 
Budget Committee cuts nearly $1.9 million
But employees protected: All salary line increases were approved

GOFFSTOWN - In a proceeding that was remarkably free of the contentious debate and heated argument that has become the norm over recent budgeting seasons, the Goffstown Budget adjusted the Board of Selectmen's proposed 2011 budget last night by $1,888,024, a reduction of 6.12%.

Coupled with special articles currently slated for the March town warrant, the combined reductions totaled 8.43% from the current 2010 town budget.

On June 15 of this year, the Budget Committee, by a vote of 11-1-2 in favor, asked the Board of Selectmen and the Goffstown School Board to prepare budgets reflecting a reduction of 10% from the current 2010 adopted budgets.  Selectmen complied, but the school board did not.

Line-by-line details of last night's adjustments can be viewed and downloaded at .

Although the committee deliberated on - and adjusted - nearly 100 individual budget lines, not all of their adjustments were reductions:
  • All requested increases to personnel salary and benefit lines for 2011, in all town departments, i.e., wages, salaries, etc., were granted by the committee;
  • The Library budget was increased over both the current budget and the selectmen's proposed budget by 4.06%
  • The Parks & Recreation budget was increased over the current budget by 2.35%
  • The Police Dept. budget was increased over the current budget by 0.43%

The largest reductions were made to the CIP budget.  The committee voted against approving two new vehicles for Public Works next year, opting instead to fund $40,000 to repair a 10-wheel dump truck slated for replacement.  They also denied a request for $550,000 for a new tanker/pumper for the Fire Department, and deferred the purchase of three new police cruisers to 2012.

In addition, the lack of a special land purchase warrant article such as one that was approved by voters in March helped the committee to reach a total reduction of 8.43%.

The Budget Committee will meet again on Dec. 7th for a final look at - and likely conclusion to - its deliberations on its proposed 2011 town budget.  That budget will then be presented at public hearing on January 12, 2011.


Reproduced by the Goffstown Residents Association.


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