January 22, 2010

Goffstown citizens group launches new website, fiscal initiatives

GOFFSTOWN – A group of residents in Goffstown has organized a citizens group whose aim is to promote accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibly in town government.

Calling themselves Goffstown Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility (GCFR), the group has launched a website at www.GCFRonline.org to provide non-partisan information, facts and figures on town and school financial issues, along with helpful links to informative sources.

The GCFR was founded by a core group of prominent Goffstown residents.  Among them are:

Ivan E. Beliveau, GCFR Chairman
• Member, Goffstown Budget Committee
• Operations Manager, Corporate America, Retired
• Local Business Owner, Belnek Kennels

John A. Caprio, GCFR Vice Chairman
• Former Chairman, Goffstown Board of Selectmen
• Former Chairman, Goffstown Budget Committee
• Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired
Collis G. Adams
• Member, Goffstown Planning Board
• Member, Goffstown Conservation Commission
• Board of Directors, Goffstown Junior Baseball
• Wetlands Bureau Administrator, NHDES
Guy G. Caron
• Member, Goffstown Budget Committee
• Chairman, Goffstown Residents Association
• Operations Analyst, US Department of Defense
John A. Hikel
• Member, New Hampshire State Legislature
• Member, Goffstown Budget Committee
• Local Business Owner, Uptown Auto Repair
William J. Wynne
• Chairman, Goffstown Television (GTV)
• Former Member, Goffstown EDC
• Former Member, Goffstown Planning Board
• Former Member, Goffstown Zoning Board
• Local Business Owner, GoffstownToday.com

The group’s mission statement is a simple one:

“To ensure the citizens of Goffstown receive accurate and unbiased facts about our local government’s budgets, contracts and spending; and to propose and rally voters to alternative solutions that enable our local governments to operate sensibly and without undue financial burden to taxpayers.” 

All Goffstown residents are cordially invited to visit their website at www.GCFRonline.org.

Copyright©2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.


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Copyright© 2010, Goffstown Residents Association.  All Rights Reserved.