November 6, 2009
Alan Dutch leaves Goffstown Post Office
35-year postal worker retires 

GOFFSTOWN - Goffstown residents going to the post office will no longer see the familiar face of Alan Dutch behind the counter.

Dutch retired Oct. 31 after spending 35 years at the Goffstown Post Office. Staff members marked Dutch’s last day quietly, with a cake and certificate of appreciation.

Dutch has worked at the Goffstown branch since July 1974. Postmaster Marc Richer has worked with Dutch for the past six years and saw him as a great local resource. “He had a lot of knowledge, not only about the postal service, but about Goffstown in general,” said Richer.

Richer also admired Dutch’s ability to connect with people.

“He probably knew two-thirds of the people who came in, even if they were just coming in to check their P.O. boxes.”

Though Goffstown has grown considerably in the past 35 years, Dutch helped to retain the post office’s small-town feel.

“He’d always try to greet people by name, which was a real tribute to him and contributed to his longevity in the business,” Richer said.

Co-worker Kelly Selfridge agreed. “He seemed to know everyone by name. You just don’t get that too much anymore.” Selfridge also said that she will miss Dutch’s sense of humor.

According to Selfridge and Richer, Dutch wanted to keep his retirement low-key, but planned on spending time with his family and grandchildren, and pursuing his interest in antique cars.

“He’ll be really, really missed by a lot of people,” said Selfridge.


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