March 27, 2009
Goffstown to receive stimulus dollars
Funds Will Pay For Water, Wastewater Projects

GOFFSTOWN - New Hampshire will soon receive more than $60 million in drinking water and wastewater projects as part of the federal stimulus plan, and Goffstown will be getting a portion of that funding.

Several projects are set to get under way this year.  Along the Piscataquog River here in Goffstown, many homes in the flood-prone area will be placed on the town water system.  The $2 million project will help alleviate a major problem tied to flooding -- well water contamination.

"Right now, they are all under individual wells, and it's an area that is very prone to flooding and contamination of those wells," said Tom Bown, director of Manchester Water Works.

Harry Stewart, director of the Water Division for the Department of Environmental Services, said many of the projects will begin in this construction season.

"And we have to have all the money out and in the hands of contractors, or at least the contracts in place, by Feb. 17, 2010, or we lose that money, and we don't want to do that," Stewart said.

A portion will also go for energy efficiency upgrades at existing plants, such as the wastewater treatment center in Manchester.

Other towns, including Portsmouth, Farmington, Jaffrey, Newport and Hillsborough, are on the list for wastewater projects.

The DES is holding a public hearing on April 3 to discuss the various projects and solicit public comment. Suggestions have to be submitted in writing by April 10.


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