July 25, 2008
GTV reaches out to servicemen and women

GTV Outreach Coordinator

GOFFSTOWN - Wouldn’t you like to express your gratitude for the people who are serving our country so admirably? Have we got a deal for you! 

“Hi, Honeys” are 20-second shout-outs that will be aired by the Armed Forces Network to duty stations all around the world. 

Imagine your serviceman or woman – hot and sweaty and tired after a day on patrol – sitting in the dining hall and watching television. Suddenly on the TV they see … is that their family and friends from home? It certainly is. Thanks to GTV, your local PEG access television station and the American Forces Network, hometown messages will likely reach soldiers when and where they need them most. 

So, how can you do this? Well, your local PEG access television will do the filming for you if needed, or you can do it yourself and turn it in to GTV, which is located at the rear of Goffstown High School on Wallace Road. Please call first to make arrangements for drop-off or filming.

DVDs are preferred and runtime is limited to 20 seconds or less. Groups of at least five or six people are best and multiple submissions are welcome. Please, no commercial, political, or incendiary comments – they will be removed.

“Hi, Honeys” can be captured at community meetings, picnics, outings; at school board and town hall meetings, or at family gatherings. Remember, the time limit is 20 seconds, but that’s longer than you think - count 20 seconds on the second hand of your watch or clock.

Here are some suggestions: “The Town of Wherever sends love and best wishes to the soldiers of the 356th Broadcast Battalion. We love you and miss you, but want you to know that we’re looking out for your family and friends while you’re away.” EVERYONE SHOUTS, “ Thanks for keeping us safe!”
Or, “The Jones family reunion wouldn’t be complete unless we sent our Specialist Anna Jones and all the soldiers in Iraq, our love and gratitude. We miss you, but we are so proud of each and every one of you!” EVERYONE SHOUTS, “Hugs and kisses from the Jones gang!”

If there are too many messages received, or the Armed Forces Network stops sending them, there’s always YouTube. All the messages will be posted on YouTube by GTV, so the soldiers will have access to all the shout-out videos, one way or another. 

If you’re interested in doing a shout-out, or if you’d like more information, call GTV at 497-5707 or email us at
goffstowntv@gmail.com, and ask to speak to Dick or Dave.


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